The vision and service pledge of Dan Next

The goal of Dan Next importers is to be a global, innovative and growing company in the candies, prepared foods, baked goods.

Our aim is to give Israeli consumers the newest, highest quality delicacies from around the world, at affordable prices, so that everyone can enjoy wonderful flavors right here in Israel.

Our vision is to import products that are suitable for everyone – so that everyone will have the opportunity to taste specialties from around the world. Our product range includes low-sugar and gluten free items, so that everyone can enjoy a global culinary experience.

All our products have been carefully tested. Just for you, we have traveled to food exhibitions around the world in order to choose the very best and adapt high quality products to the Israeli palate.

Dan Next has been accumulated over 40 years’ experience in importing and marketing foods in Israel and exemplifies management that respects all its suppliers in Israel and around the world. We specialize in importing, marketing and distributing to all sectors of the market, adapting the products for each sector. Our distribution network reaches all parts of the country and we make sure all our products reach store shelves fresh, to give customers the perfect product, without any compromises on flavor.

We represent international companies in the chocolate, baked goods, hospitality and preserved foods industries.

We do whatever we can to understand the needs of our clients – manufacturers, retailers and customers alike. Satisfaction is our highest priority and Dan Next employees all along the supply chain work to maintain commercial and organizational excellence, while constantly aiming to improve. Any feedback from one of our clients is considered and we constantly strive to improve our service.

Official importer Dan Next, of the Tasa Group

Available at select supermarket chains throughout Israel or at Tasa Candy House stores

We are waiting for you at the stores, to make any holiday as happy as can be – that’s what we do.

Bringing happiness to your heart.